computer science

Below are a few projects relating to my course work or just plain cool CS concepts.

generating great circle graphs

C++ and JavaScript code that generates great circle graphs. The post also briefly explains what are great circle graphs and why I care.

  • Applied Calc 3, yay!
  • Detailed code explanation

kobon triangles in javascript

JavaScript code that generates unique Kobon triange patterns and displays them in SVG.

  • Fun mathy diagrams
  • Detailed code explanation

levenshtein distance with dynamic programming

A detailed write-up explaining Levenshtein distance calculation with a commonly used dynamic programming algorithm.

  • JavaScript animations
  • Working calculator with animation
  • In-depth explanation of the problem

web projects

I don't have my professional work here but below are a couple of personal projects upon which I've spent many, many hours.


Long-running project with a responsive JavaScript front end UI, and a rich back end for generating PDF puzzles for high resolution print, which then synchronize dates with a "daily puzzle" that is configured in the back end.

  • Active source of printed puzzles in CSU paper for 6 years
  • Solving algorithms that mimic human techniques for proper scoring
  • Elegant interface for admins to manage "daily puzzle" synchronization

lalaland ink

This is my wife's brand of fun, light-hearted t-shirts. I worked with her to design and develop an online store front to sell her work.

  • Brand and logo development
  • Responsive animations
  • JavaScript/AJAX size/style select widgets on t-shirt pages